Based in Macau S.A.R. and founded in 2009, Vector ITS primarily focuses on IT Solutions and Professional Translation. In 2014, Vector ITS extended its services to Digital Design/Marketing and Photography.

Watch Guy Kawasaki "Make Meaning in Your Company" video to understand the motivation behind Vector ITS Group.

Vision is Key

Every solution starts from a Vision: Automotives exist today because Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot had a Vision; Aeroplanes exist today because Wright Brothers had a Vision. If You have a Vision it means that You Believe. And if You Believe, it means that You can turn Your Vision into Reality.

Vector ITS is passionate in providing Innovative Solutions and bringing out the best from Popular Solutions.

Our Services

Turning Complexity into Simplicity.

Software & IT Consultancy

Vector ITS deploys the whole Solution for you. Tell us what you are looking for and we can either develop the System for you or advising on existing solutions for your Project. You can choose either way.

Digital Design & Marketing

For us, any message must be delivered clearly and must be easily read by the most distracted person in the World. Vector ITS creates simplistic and clear designs to take your brand to a new level.

Digital Photography

Photography is Art. And Art is the beautiful view from the Eyes of the Artist.

Vector ITS provides professional digital photographic sessions that you are looking for your Project. From close-up photos to landscape's, our professionals captures the best of any view to deliver an astonishing perspective from the camera lens.

Professional Translation

Macau is located in South China. In this ex-Portuguese Colony, there are 3 important languages used on a daily basis: Chinese, English and Portuguese. Vector ITS translation is done professionally: the words are translated as good as possible but it is the message delivered that must resemble as close as possible to the original one.

Our clients include local government departments, restaurants, non-private organizations, etc.

Our Work

A Passion since the First Moment.

Web Design & Development

Features Web Responsive mechanisms to display nicely on multiple devices, a user-friendly Back-Office for Administrative purposes, Google Analytics to track its visitors and Digital Marketing Strategy to enhance its visibility. Here are some of our Projects launched recently:

Restaurant "O Manel"
Restaurant "A Petisqueira"
Restaurant "A Lorcha"
Restaurant "Galo Macau"
Megapower Medical & Rehabilitation Center
Swordsman Investment

Mobile Application Design & Development

Yummy Macau is one of Vector ITS main projects running since 2014. It focus on F&B Quality rather than Quantity and consists of a collection of nice and pleasant restaurants to enjoy in Macau. It is a Mobile Application free for download on both Google Play Store and on Apple Store.

Point-Of-Sale for Restaurants & Coffee Shops

User-Friendly System Developed using Web Technologies. It is customizable for every need such as running in one or more devices. It features a Simple Login System for each Employee, Printing and Management.

Digital Photography

Vector ITS Photography enhances all the details captured with the objective of turning a simple view into an amazing perspective. From close-up shootings for magazine covers to landscape's, digital photography is one of our greatest passions!

Tailor-made professional translation to Macau needs

Document translation from multiple file formats (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XML and many more!)

Technical translation (specialist in Engineering, Health Care and more!)

Personal & Legal translation

Website translation

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